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About Us

BG Resource is your trusted source for insurance serving the local community and beyond. We help others understand their health care options and select a plan that gives them peace of mind. We specialize in Medicare and our services are at no cost to you!

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How We Help:

We are your local trusted full-service independent insurance broker. We are experts in getting the right personalized coverage, at the right price, for you. We work for YOU, not the insurance companies. 

Who We Help:

We are here to serve and meet the needs of the community. Everyone deserves quality care they can afford. We assist individuals, families, seniors, Medicare beneficiaries, and the disabled with their health care questions and coverage.

Mission Statement

BG Resource Insurance Agency is a faith-based Christian company dedicated to delivering personalized support for health and life insurance for everyone that meets the needs of the individual with zero pressure recommendations from licensed and certified professionals. 

Our Vision

To make BG Resource Insurance Agency your resource of choice for trusted quality care you can afford for the well being of you and your family.

Meet The CEO

As President and CEO of BG Resource Insurance Agency, Bridget believes that health is a key cornerstone to the prosperity of a family, and a community as well. 

After obtaining her bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a minor in Marketing, Bridget worked for 10 years in the corporate world as an administrative assistant while balancing her roles as a devoted mother to two successful business-oriented young men and a loving wife to her wonderful husband. Bridget felt called by God to do more and work in ministry and so she changed roles and became a Minister. Her faith and compassion then led her to offer her time and support to better serve others. She found more fulfillment in making an impact in the lives of families in her community through connecting them with the resources and services they desperately needed. Bridget's passion was to provide help where it was needed, and to love everyone as God loves them. She found what was needed most was access to information and resources for health and well being.

Bridget obtained her insurance license and immediately began work in her community and surrounding areas to assist others in gaining financial security and improved quality of life through wellness, education, and resources that she believed every family deserved. Bridget organized, hosted, and participated in several community outreach events such as back to school extravaganzas, informational presentations, educational seminars and more. Even through the pandemic challenges, she worked to provide sanitary supplies to those in need. Bridget's smile, caring nature, and transparency transcend through her work, and led her to be recognized and awarded for being one of the top-vending insurance agents in the country. 

As Bridget continues to lead BG Resource Insurance Agency, she is focused on making generational impact by being the change she wants to see in her community and yours too! 
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