About our Federal Program Assistance

When you call the office for assistance, know I'm here to help make your life easier in any way I can. First, I'll go over what you need and begin searching through resources to find something suitable for you. Our resources for federal programs are thorough and cover everything from transportation to public housing and affordable prescription drug plans.

If you're requesting Medicare supplement assistance, information or help, I am licensed and certified. You can choose to visit the office or meet at your home.

If you are interested in any other products and services offered, BG Resource is happy to go over everything with you and below is a list of services provided:

  • Applications for State & Federal Programs

  • Free Assistance with Faxing All Applications to State/Federal

      Offices for Approval

  • Resources for Getting Transportation to Appointments

  • Help with Making Doctor's & Dentist Appointments

  • Assist with Finding Doctors, Dentist, Gyms, & More

  • Resource to Free Phone Companies

  • Resources for Public Housing

  • Resources for Getting Energy Assistance

  • Excellent Educators for Most Free Programs

  • Resources for Getting Connected to Meals on Wheels Programs

  • Companion Services/Help with Medical Choices

  • Advocate for Seniors & People with Disabilities

  • Advocate for All People Who Connect with Us

  • Personal Mentors

  • Medicare Advantage Plans

  • Medicare Supplement

  • Recovery & Long Term Care Help

  • Hospital Indemnity 

  • Life Insurance / Final Expense 

  • Prescription Drugs

  • Dental, Hearing & Vision

  • 211 Partnership