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Client Testimonials

"I just want to Thank God for directing me to BG Resource and the information on the apartment she gave me and others also the great resources as well... I give beyond five stars. I thank God for directing me to BG Resource."
— Glenda

"The information that I received for an apartment for rent from BG Resource gave me great resources....I give BG beyond five stars. I did not have to wait 6 months or a year to be put on a waiting list. I thank God for directing me to BG I was approved for a two bedroom apartment and my move in date is October 31, 2016"
— Ms. Maggie

"BG gave me a great resource on finding a place to live...I'm blessed with a beautiful two bedroom apartment which I am happy to move in October I'm very pleased to announce BG as my first choice for resources. Thank You for all your help!"
— Gail