BG gave me great resource on finding a place to live...I'm blessed with a beautiful two bedroom apartment which happy to move in October  I'm very pleased to announce BG as my first choice of resources..Thank You for all your help!

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The information that I received for an apartment for rent from BG Resource gave me great resources....I give BG beyond five stars. I did not have to wait 6 months or a year to be put on a waiting list. I thank God for directing me to BG I was approved for a two bedroom apartment and my move in date is October 31, 2016 Ms. Maggie!


I just want to Thank God for directing me to BG Resource and the information on the apartment she gave me and others also the great resources as well... I give beyond five stars. I thank God for directing me to BG Resource. [😂] Glenda

Contact number: 314-492-7376

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